The event is over. Thank you for coming and see you next year!

The queer O-Phase in Karlsruhe

This year our queer O-Phase will take place again from November 11th to 13th.
As a university group, we want to give you the opportunity to experience queer campus life. First-year students as well as students in higher semesters are welcome to join us. Below you will find a schedule and short descriptions of the individual events.
If you like the q-Phase and our university group, you are welcome to become a member by filling out an application. This way you will get special announcements for member events and you can also participate in them.
Have an exciting and fabulous weekend with us! ????????????


21:00 – 03:00queerbeats-Party

about the “Get-to-know”-meeting:

We’re starting the q-phase with an enjoyable gathering where you can meet and talk with other queer students and the members of the university group. This event also serves as a preheat for the queerbeats party that follows, so grab some mulled wine (or kids punch if you don’t drink alcohol).

We will meet on the second floor of the Z10.

about the queerbeats:

With our very own party brand we’d like to bring some more queerness ???????? to the uni campus. To achieve that we’re going to place in there as many LGBTQIA* flags ????️‍???? at the AKK bar as we can get and party with music ???? selected by our own DJ, UV-lights, lots of drinks ???? and that remarkable familial atmosphere, which you can only find at this kind of queer event. 

There is no entry fee, and everyone is welcome to join the party. ???? 

please note:
If you want to drink cocktails or mulled wine on the day, it’s best to take some cash with you.


14:00-20:30q-Phase Kaffeeklatsch
20:30- Open EndEvening program

about the Brunch:

You can “sober up” after the queerbeats party and have breakfast together with us at Z10. If you haven’t been to the party, you are of course still invited to come.

about the “q-Phase-Kaffeeklatsch”:

Here you can get to know the quintessence of our weekly “Kaffeeklatsch”-meeting at Z10.
However, this special Kaffeeklatsch is going to get a????Glow Up????.

  • Craft n Chill
  • Dinner together
  • Gamenight
  • Pub-Quiz
  • Karaoke

please note:
Please bring enough money for dinner if you want to order with us.

about the Evening program:

Depending on the mood there is the possibility to either stay, go to Café PRINZs or the queer party “Buntes Rauschen” at the Culteum. So this part can be planned spontaneously and flexibly.


from 10:00Hike
from 12:00Alternative program

about the Hike:

We end the weekend not with a bang but with a relaxed finale. And how could we deepen the bonding together better relaxed than on a hike? Maybe but just maybe we will meet a rainbow on the way ????.

We meet at the entry to Domino’s Pizza, station “Durlacher Tor/KIT Campus Süd”.

More information at

please note:

about the Alternative program:

If you are not interested in the hike or the weather is not good enough for it, you have the possibility to chill with us with hot chocolate Z10 instead. If you are interested, we can also go together to the ZKM Museum and visit the current exhibition.

please note: